Cuddly Whiskers on Happiness

Sometimes you have to take responsibility to your own happiness

You have the money, the position in the corporate ladder but still you are not feeling fulfilled? Have you ever experienced being mesirable on what you do or even feeling empty everyday when you wake up?

Take the risks and don’t be scared to fall in the ground if you fail, important lesson is that you pursed what you want. Some people risking their quality time with family, all your energy, getting rid of negative people around them and etc. Pursuing things that will make you happy and passionate everyday, I know it won’t be easy but start with small steps to achieve it. It sounds selfish but surround your people that supports and encourage you to move forward instead of getting rid of negative poeple.

One that will help you is to find a leader that inspires you it doesn’t need to be a person or someone you know. In my case, my inspiration was Tony Robbins his documentary called “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” taught me what I am experiencing is normal, other people go through this dark void.

Always rememer at the end of the day it is up to you to be happy.