What will your “new normal” look like?

Most everyone’s lives disrupted in 2020 by COVID-19. The “new normal” is a term in business and economic that refer to financial conditions during the crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. New normal is a hot topic lately as many businesses have reopened because most people expect you to provide different solution in a different way.

Everywhere you have to social distance (at least 1m) from someone, wear face mask, sanitation of hands and use a quarantine pass to enter the establishment.

Dining Experience

Restaurants, fast food chains, food stalls have to downsize their stores and even layoff people because of the pandemic’s effect to them. Some of them reopened to provide foods to peoples staying at home.

Most stores offer take-out, take-away, or pick-up of orders and some stores offer dine-in with limit capacity depends on the size of the store. Before you enter the store you are required to check the temperature (you have to leave the store if you have 37.5°C or higher temperature), sign a contract tracing form, sanitize you hands with alcohol spray and step on a foot bath with a cleasing solution.

Transportation and Commute

Private and public transportations were prohibited except those vehicles transporting essential needs. Each cities closed their borders to avoid the infections from outsiders, it helps containing and isolating the virus in the city.

After few months of quarantine, some cities opened their borders for people who works in that city. Private vehicles can come and go anytime they want because of the convience of having their own car. Commuters of public transportation needs to under go standard policies e.g. temperature check, hand sanitation, foot bath with cleaning solution, and one seat apart.


Many workers are affected with the pandemic because some businesses stopped the operation to assure the future when the right time comes. Big and small companies downsized their manpower to sustain the operations. I can say we are in the economic recession right now and some companies resumed their operations considering the risks of the virus.

Companies are trying to bounce back by opening their business and securing the healthy of their employees. Some of them provide shuttle service to avoid employees to commute and give convenience, free COVID19 test (rapid test, established testing center), reduced work hours, and work from home. All of these helps their employee to have their livelihood back.


Arrival of the pandemic in the Philippines really affected the school year(June to April) of students. Schools automatically moved their students to the next level.

I can guarantee the big learning curve on the students because they missed a lot of topics from the previous year. Resumption of school on August 2020 will be a big challenge to the teachers and students by doing everything online (tele-learning) and offline studies(no physical classes, printed modules and etc).